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Connecting real life with the Metaverse.

No wallet, No crypto needed.

All in one app

A map-marketplace for Digital Assets in the real world.

A social platform for people to integrate their Digital Assets into their daily activities.

A reward program app where people can claim rewards through their Digital Assets.

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IPs & Brands

You are exploring how to enter the Metaverse while staying 100% aligned with your brand and achieve impressive revenue and high levels of engagement. We help you develop a strategy on Flickplay that aligns with your current goals.

Metaverse Agencies

You are advising clients on developing their Web3 strategy and consider partnering with Flickplay. We give you all the material and technology needed for demos to support your efforts. 

NFT projects

You are looking to add more value to your collection, keep your community entertained and monetize your IP. We help you develop a strategy on Flickplay that aligns with your current goals.

Why Partner With Us
Understand your customers like never before

Profile your holders based on the Digital Assets they own & interact the most with.

Discover how your holders use their Digital Assets in their everyday activities.

Track the social performance of your Digital Assets; video creation rate and impressions (likes, views, shares)

Be in the know of your new super fans when Digital Assets transfer ownership.

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Your IP remains intact

Join the Metaverse in ways that are authentic to how your consumers already interact with your brand.

The experiences you offer to your customers on Flickplay are 100% tailored to your brand, from the aesthetic of the Digital Assets to their distribution.

Extend your brand’s footprint

Bring your community together in a platform where Web3 trends are born and shared.

Re-engage your loyal customers by attaching rewards to their Digital Assets.

Drive foot traffic to specific locations to achieve your brand’s objectives.

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Integrate what people own digitally into their daily experiences
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Case Studies

Entering Flickplay means you craft your own digital experiences in the real world for your customers to navigate and discover your brand, making it part of their daily activities.

From launching digital stores in real-world locations to offering your customers a platform to access and interact with their digital assets as a community, you provide a true metaverse experience in the real world.

Santa Monica Metaverse

A digital experience overlaid onto the city of Santa Monica in a first of its kind marriage between geo-location features and Digital Asset based rewards.

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